New GOG Connect Function Lets You Import Steam

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When there are a bunch of various online services you can use to download and play online games, it can be a bit difficult to monitor them all. We're not saying it's hard to remember that you play World of Warcraft via Blizzard's launcher and Elite: Dangerous by means of Steam. It can just get a little frustrating to have all sorts of various apps on your computer for counter strike global offensive cheats launching your lots of games.

GOG, otherwise called "Good Old Games," wants to make life a little easier for PC and Mac gamers. According to GOG's creators, CD Project Red, the GOG software application app now has a brand-new function called GOG Connect. .

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As E3 methods, video game market is at a turning point

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While sales of the PlayStation 4 and Xbox One are moving at a rapid clip, a sense of shift towers above the video game industry nowadays and the imminent kick-off of E3, the pc gaming market's annual trade convention in Los Angeles, seems to be emphasizing that.

Virtual truth is getting lots of media interest, but everyone in the market warns it will be years prior to its anywhere close to mainstream. And the industry's two biggest publishers have decided against hosting booths at E3 itself.

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NVIDIA's PC gaming Business Doubled In Three Years

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It’s Computex week, which means one thing: it s time to talk tech. Computex is the largest technology exhibition and vendor conference in the world, running for 5 days across numerous buildings, conference halls, VIP spaces and hotel suites throughout Taipei, Taiwan.

This week’s particularly important for gamers, because it marks the launch of the first generation of graphics cards on brand-new manufacturing process. For NVIDIA, that implies discussing Pascal. And for its CEO Jen-Hsun Huang, that suggests speaking about PC online games.

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