New GOG Connect Function Lets You Import Steam

Posted on 11 June 2016 by Admin   |   Filed under Computer Gaming Comments (11)

With it, gamers can connect their Steam accounts to GOG and launch video games utilizing the latter's interface.

Just to be clear, this isn't really some system you'll use to add a link to every Steam video game you've ever purchased into GOG. Instead, GOG will aim to see exactly what you've purchased on Steam and, if it's an appropriate title, you'll be able to permanently import the game into your GOG account. From then on, it'll be as if you own the online game on GOG also.

This importing procedure is a one-time choice, in that you can just connect a single Steam account with your GOG account. So, don't mess it up. Make sure you examine out GOG's main website for the service (, and get your eligible games whenever you can (if you're a big GOG fan).

"While GOG Connect will stick around, the available online games will come and go. These are limited-time offers made possible by taking part designers and publishers, so stay tuned as we bring new titles onboard in the future (and grab your copies prior to the disappear)," checks out GOG's announcement.

The present list of qualified titles on GOG's website isn't the largest, however there are still some fairly well-known games you'll be able to import into your GOG collection: Braid, FTL, The Witcher: Enhanced Edition, Bit.Trip Runner, Surgeon Simulator 2013, and Trine Enhanced Edition, to name a few.

"We'll be doing our finest to expand GOG Connect in the future! You'll need to import brand-new games when they're added, so stay tuned and inspect back regularly to see if anything brand-new has actually been included," reads GOG's FAQ.